"...provided us with an excellent, well-balanced master and offered nuggets of creative input on the mix which is like having a second pair of ears"
Tom Moore
Slow Worm Records


Lismore Mastering is a professional mastering studio founded by Sam Proctor in Sheffield, England.

Sam graduated from the prestigious Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts in 2001 with a degree in Sound Technology and has since been working in recording, producing and mixing. In recent years more and more of his time has been taken up by mastering, hence the formation of Lismore Mastering.

Sam has a Masters Degree (Distinction) in Record Production from the London College of Music where he worked for many years as Senior Lecturer in Music Technology.

Sam’s recent work has been played on BBC Radio 2, BBC6Music and many radio stations internationally.


  •  Bellowhead
  •  Jon Boden
  • Karine Polwart & Dave Milligan
  •  The Lost Words – Spell     Songs
  • John Carty and Michael McGoldrick
  • Crossharbour
  • Hannah Read & Michael Starkey
  • Lucy Farrell
  • Alasdair Roberts
  • The Furrow Collective
  • Mark Stoney
  • Genevieve Dawson
  • The Wilderness Yet
  • Monkey Mind
  • John Devine
  • Luke Daniels
  • Matthew Tighe and Tad Sargent
  • Joe Devine
  • Colm Naughton 
  • MG Boulter
  • Chris Helme
  •  The Askew Sisters
  •  Padraig Rynne & Tara Breen (with Donal Lunny & Jim Murray)
  • Boy Jumps Ship
  • Black Beard’s Tea Party
  • Two Weeks
  • Teyr
  • Garefowl
  • The Idumea Quartet
  • Nick Hart
  • Bonnie Milnes
  • Vulpes / Maz O’Connor
  • Emily Portman & Rob Harbron
  • The Fontanas
  • Dave Flynn
  • Son Hot Stroll (S. Korea)
  • The Boxteles
  • Sam Sweeney
  • Owen Spafford and Louis Campbell
  • Say it Anyway
  • Philippe Barnes
  • Niamh Ni Charra
  • Johnny FK
  • Emma Sweeney
  • Bring On The Night
  • Becky Taylor
  • Charlie Piggott & Rowan Piggott
  • Hugh Sheehan
  • Alexis Bennett
  • Seamus O’Rourke
  • Michael Walsh Quarehawk
  • Brown Boots
  • The Norfolk Broads
  • The Twisted Twenty
  • Kate Griffin
  • Pif Paf Theatre Company
  • Will Allen 
  • Zak Younger Banks
  • Liz Hanks
  • Jenny Sturgeon
  • Joe Danks
  • The Burnout
  • Hudson Records
  • Slow Worm Records
  • Dave Boothroyd (mix engineer)
  • Andy Bell (producer)
  • Small Silences
  • Scribe Records
  • People of Punk Rock


“Sam at Lismore Mastering has a very finely tuned pair of ears, not to mention a well treated room and top-end tech. He will really bring the best out of your mixes and he is always a pleasure to work with! “

Rowan Piggott, The Wilderness Yet 

“Highly recommended! I sent Sam a single to master for the first time last month. The whole process was very easy. Sam was very responsive to, and understanding of my requirements for this track and had a very musical approach to his work. This track came back sounding absolutely class and I will most certainly be coming back.”

Dave Boothroyd, 6dB Studio, York

Sam did an awesome job mastering my home recorded EP ‘The Well’. He brought out the best in it and it sounds like a record now! Very happy and will be working with Sam again.”

Johnny FK

“Sam mastered our album More Than One and we were absolutely delighted with the result. The mastering really subtly and sensitively brought the recordings to life.”

Ewan MacDonald, The Idumea Quartet

“Sam did a fantastic job mixing and mastering a studio track I had previously recorded. Very professional, creative, patient and an all-round top bloke!”

Paul Oliver, Ganbei Records

 “Sam recently mastered my latest single and honestly did such an incredible job! Sam’s ability to translate my intentions for the track, bringing them to life was so perfectly executed, along with his ability to bring out the full potential of the track in the master – the final outcome completely surpassed my expectations. All this, coupled with unrivalled professionalism and incredibly fast turn around, I honestly could not recommend Sam highly enough!”

Joe Devine

Sam at Lismore has been great to work with – he’s remotely mastered an album I mixed (Nov 2020). At every point he’s been reliable, quick, very willing to adapt, thoughtful. He has used top quality kit and provided us with an excellent, well-balanced master and offered nuggets of creative input on the mix which is like having a second pair of ears. Thanks Sam.”

Tom Moore, Slow Worm Records

“Sam has engineered, produced and mastered several projects for me over the past 5 years. He’s very easy to work with and because he’s also a performer, knows exactly the kind of sound I want. 

He recently mastered an album for me for the first time and has made the record blossom even more. Thanks Sam!”

Holly Harmon, Penny Fiddle Records

“I’ve known Sam for over 20 years now – He’s a super talented guy – Great ears, very musical, creative & technical. If you get chance to work with him as a Mastering Engineer – I’d jump at the chance.”

Mike Spink, 2 x Platinum Recording and Mix Engineer (The 1975. Jake Bugg)

“As a mastering engineer Sam is very musical, able to compress without squashing and highlight the right details, leaving you the sense that he’s really listened and understood the tracks, without adopting a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

With such great communication and being so easy to work with, he’s now my go-to mastering engineer and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.”
Alex Haynes, Producer and Artists (Alex Haynes and the Fever)