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We offer mastering for CD, streaming services and downloads. We can provide masters in DDP format for CD pressing or WAV, FLAC, MP3 or all of the above! We also provide pre-mastering for vinyl. 

We can also master audio for your YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos to ensure that your promo material and videos has the maximum impact. The criteria for loudness on each service can differ so we will ensure that your audio is optimised for the delivery service.

Attended sessions are possible but are sometimes difficult to schedule. Thanks to the amazing Audiomovers software and Zoom we can offer you the opportunity to “attended” the session remotely and listen to your masters come to life in full resolution audio in the comfort of your own studio. 

We are proud to be an approved provider for Apple Digital Masters (formerly Mastered for iTunes). This means masters we produce can carry the Apple Digital Master badge in the Apple Music store. This ensures that your music is fully optimised for delivery on Apple Music. 


Prices start at £35 per track. Please contact me with to discuss your project requirements and to get a detailed quotation.

Special deals are available for album projects.

I am happy to accept Euro or US Dollar payments. Please contact me to confirm the exchange rate. 

Audio Restoration

We can restore audio and remaster old recordings. The restoration software that we use allows the removal of hum, clicks, hiss and other noises before moving onto the rest of the mastering process.

Noise removal is rarely needed on modern recordings but if you have catalogue recordings on tape or vinyl what you would like to have cleaned up you might be amazed at what is possible!

Contact us for pricing as the amount of time restoration takes depends on the source material.