Balancing Creativity and Precision to Elevate Your Sound. 


Lismore Mastering is an independent mastering studio in Sheffield, UK that will creatively enhance your music to ensure that it has the same emotional impact with the audience that it does with you in the studio. 

Studio and Equipment

Your song will benefit from a combination of the finest analogue hardware with cutting-edge software tools in an acoustically-controlled environment. This will allow us to unlock the potential of your mix as it goes out to the big wide world! 


Mastering is an essential part of your music’s journey from the studio to the listener. Great masters will maximise the potential of your tracks as they reach your audience. A specialist mastering engineer with the right tools, both analogue and digital, in an acoustically controlled environment can work with to effectively present your artistic vision to your listeners. 

We are proud to be an approved provider for Apple Digital Masters (formerly Mastered for iTunes). This means masters we produce can carry the Apple Digital Master badge in the Apple Music store. This ensures that your music is fully optimised for delivery on Apple Music.