Independent audio mastering studio in Sheffield, England.

Your partner in maximizing your music’s potential. 


Lismore Mastering is an independent mastering studio run by Sam Proctor that offer high-quality audio mastering at a accessible price.

Studio and Equipment

We use a mixture of the finest analogue hardware and digital sound manipulation in an acoustically-controlled environment to ensure that your mixes translate from your studio to your audience.


Problems in mixes can often be caused by the acoustics in the mix room. Mastering on the same system will mean these problems don’t show up. This is why is it important for the mixes to be mastered in an acoustically controlled room by another set of ears.

We are proud to be an approved provider for Apple Digital Masters (formerly Mastered for iTunes). This means masters we produce can carry the Apple Digital Master badge in the Apple Music store. This ensures that your music is fully optimised for delivery on Apple Music.