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Look ahead to 2024….

There is loads of great music mastered here at Lismore Mastering cued up for release in 2024.

Rock and indie fans can look forward to new releases The Reytons, Good Cop Bad Cop and Ed Cosens. I really enjoyed working on Chris Helme’s (of Seahorses fame) long-awaited album which will be released in the spring.

The new Ben Nicholls Duets album is mastered and ready to go and features an amazing array of guests including Kris Drever, Nadine Shah, Cara Dillon and many more. Following the recent Furrow Collective album there is also a new album from Rachel Newton which you should definitely look out for on Hudson Records. There is also a new double album from Martin Simpson. I have been a fan of Martin’s music for many years so I got a real buzz out of working on his new album.

I am now booking for 2024 so please drop me a message and let’s chat out your release….