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Pricing and Terms

Price per track. 

1 – 3 tracks – £40 per track
4 or more track – £35 per track. 

Additional versions (radio edits, instrumentals etc, etc) £10 per track, if supplied with the main version. 

All masters are supplied as WAV files that meet the Apple Digital Masters requirements, and as an AAC file for reference. If you require other formats please contact me. 

These prices are for tracks up to 6 minutes long. Please contact me to discuss longer tracks. 

All Inclusive Album Price – £350

This includes the masters as a DDP Image for CD manufacture as well as the wavs and AAC files discussed above. 

This price is available for albums of up to 12 tracks and 50 minutes. 

Additional Services. 

Additional Vinyl pre-masters – £10 per track. Capped at £100 per album. 

Restoration and Editing – £35 per hour. 

Album sequencing and DDP Image Creation – £40. 


Revision Fees.

All prices include unlimited revisions to the masters. 

If new mixes are supplied I reserve the right to charge these at 50% of the full track price. 


Payment is due on receipt of proofs. Production masters will be supplied on receipt of payment. 

Every care will be made to ensure that you masters are perfect. Please ensure that you also listen to and carefully check each version of the masters (DDP, wav etc) before they are sent to duplication or digital distribution. Please ensure that you proof read all track sheets to ensure meta-data is accurate. 

As I occasional upgrade my studio and change the equipment I can only guarantee that masters can be recalled and revised for 21 days from the receipt of the proofs. After this it is possible that tracks would be to be remastered if revisions are needed. 

Please include the following credit on artwork: Mastered by Sam Proctor at Lismore Mastering. 


Audio can be sent by WeTransfer or similar to

Please send the following information with your final mixes:

  • Artist Name
  • Track Name
  • Track order
  • IRSC codes (if applicable). 
  • A JPEG of the cover artwork for inclusion if required. 

Please deliver the audio as follows:

  • As WAV or AIFF audio files. Audio should be uncompressed. It is possible to work with compressed formats (MP3, AAC) but there are limitations. Please contact me if you are unsure. 
  • Ensure audio is not clipping. Ideally leave around 6dB of headroom if possible. 
  • Audio should be at the same sample rate as the original DAW session and at a minimum of 24-bit. 
  • If you have a limiter on your mix buss please remove it. Please send the limited version to me as a reference along with the final mix for mastering. 
  • Please leave a few seconds of silence at the start and the end of the audio to ensure the starts and ends of songs are not missing.